Friday, 7 February 2014

Organising Support and Resources- David Rovics

If you have come to this page through David Rovics' website, this is probably because you have agreed to organise a gig for him, and you may be feeling like your enthusiasm has outrun your experience. Feel free to contact me if this is the case. I am an independent historian and art producer, currently in Australia, with experience in networking and event co-ordination and, naturally, a David Rovics fan, like you. I will provide extra support and services upon request, help you turn a good gig into a great one, and listen to you if you need to vent. I also collect stories about David and his career. Contact me via my email, or the contact form below.
Below is a list of the some of the resources I can provide. It's far from exhaustive. If there is something you need that is not listed, I encourage you to ask me about it via return email.

 List of Services

On request I will:
- put you in touch with David Rovics fans in your local area
- provide advice as to publicity and promotion strategies
- create Facebook events and promote them to DR's direct audience (FB friends and fans, mailing list, Twitter, etc)
- write press releases and reviews that include a mention of your cause if you are organising a benefit
- suggest, and send you links to, songs that David has written on the topics that relate to your cause, and other related material that could be useful in publicity
- respond sympathetically to rants about any of the hazards inherent to the organiser's job. It will help, even if I just say, “oooh, I know...”
Note: For this type of work, I will probably charge a small fee, but only if the gig meets its other costs first

- help with researching and reaching venues, businesses, audiences, equipment, community groups who support your cause etc
Note: keep in mind I can only provide internet-based help unless you're Australian (possibly even then). If you want me to actually come and organise the gig, we will have to talk about me, or at least my expenses, being paid... But feel free to bring it up. 

Useful Links:

Upcoming Gigs:
David Rovics
Topical Playlists: 
David Rovics: Songs By Topic

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